Chandler Macleod believes that every person, team and organisation has potential. We believe we are the best people to help them unleash it. We believe that if individuals unleash their potential, teams benefit, organisations benefit and our country benefits.

With this statement comes obligations and we have developed the below initiatives aimed at increasing the diversity of workforces.

Solid Start

‘Solid Start’ is about giving Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people the best foundation to start their career paths. Our vision is to improve the socio-economic circumstances of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples through education, employment and training. We are determined to increase Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander representation in our workforce and client workforces.

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Launchpad (TTL fund) is a Chandler Macleod Group initiative which aims to provide Young Carers with training and support to increase their job readiness, while giving them access to guaranteed job opportunities. Candidates enrolled in the Launchpad project will be matched to available jobs that are aligned to their interests using Augmented Intelligence (AI) and data analytics. Currently available in the Perth metropolitan area.

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